Amigurumi’s = Behind!

I am officially 10 weeks behind on the TAST challenge, which makes me mega sad. There’s hope yet that I’ll catch up.  I had to put the stitching aside for a time to give my old eyes a rest. It’s definitely time for new glasses.

In the meantime I’ve been crocheting which requires much less focus on the peepers! I’ve created an album on my Facebook page of the amigurumi’s that are currently for sale and or/order.

 Just in time for spring I have two bunnies ready to ship! 

Blue Bunny in a spring hat
Pink Bunny with hoodie

Feel free to contact me for purchase and or order information.  I’m toying with the idea of opening an Etsy shop just for my crochet which would include patterns for amigurumi’s as well as finished ones.  Yes, pun definitely intended. 😉

Elsewhere, the jewelry shop is hanging on and there are still a few items in there for sale. If you haven’t been by, please feel free to take a peek and use code “Close50” to save 50% off anything you find there. This beautiful necklace is still available…

Purple marigold and brass necklace

A couple of amigurumi’s doesn’t seem like very much to keep me so intently busy as to miss 10 weeks of stitching does it.  Where did all that time go, anyway?

Watch this space for some serious catching up!

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