and now we’re at day five

Yep, day 5. I now have shelves in my closets. Proper shelves. Wonking shelves!  Real wood.. not the cheap ass wire shelving that eats hangers.  It’s a beautiful thing.

 The office has taken shape and we are about 80% of the way done in there. The Peanut’s room is 95% finished… just a few adjustments in the closet.

Here’s an interesting tidbit. I put together 4 bookshelves in the past two days.. same brand, same cheapo model. Every single one of them had different directions. How is that possible? It was really annoying me earlier. I guess I’m over it now. What did I expect from furniture made of MDF that comes out of a cardboard box that is sturdier than the actual product inside?

On the upside.. I can’t believe how much room we’ve created. Granted, it ain’t the Ritz, but it works for me.

Tomorrow the MIL will be over to help whip up a few curtains. 

Here are the numbers!

Rooms Done: 7
Rooms To Go: 2
Jen’s Back status: Back in baby, it’s back in!


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