and on the sixth day…

….she collapsed into a large heap.

Today I did diddly squat. I think it was a well deserved rest. The Husband was more productive and got the old dining room table in place and planned out the new kitchen arrangement.

I think I’m having fresh bread withdrawals, it’s been nearly a week since he’s had time to make any. This will be rectified tomorrow even if it comes to begging and pleading.

Here are the numbers:

Rooms Done: 8
Rooms To Go: 1
Jen’s Back status: A for effort.

In other news,

The MIL is going to make me a wall hanging  to match some pillows she made me. I’ll take photos of that fabric tomorrow and post; it’s gorgeous. 

When we’re done I’ll post some photos of the house. I’m sorry I didn’t take ‘before’ pics. I dunno what I was thinking.

Soon we’ll get off this whole “my house is a mess” thing and onto something more exciting; like daily updates about my cats. lol.


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