August Stitchalong Finished

As mentioned previously, I participated in the  Feeling Stitchy stitchalong this month.  I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

Initially I opted to include black in the color scheme, as you can see here:

Modern Ref is not a good look for this little one.

After I finished the shirt I realized it was a poor color choice as she looked like a referee instead of a darling little citrus slice.

All those stitches were picked out and I began again using the dark pink from the skirt. I like this much, much better:

French knot accents look like tiny flowers!

I pinked her cheeks and skirt with a little bit of chalk.  I like the cheeks a lot but am not totally thrilled with how it looks on the skirt.

Quite cheeky!

I tried many different stitches to fill the wedges and didn’t like any of them. Eventually it was impossible to tell I didn’t pick a gazillion stitches out of it.

Pink fruity wedges- not the best look.

I think my favorite part is the rind of the grapefruit slice. I used split stitches and three colors for a more realistic color fade.   Here’s a close up:

Split stitch color fading

The wedges are also split stitches with a single strand of darker pink whip-stitched around to give a candy-like feel.

I also gave her a sweet pair of shoes & socks:

Shoes should always match the belt, right?

And here she is finished:

Grapefruit Girl – pattern courtesy of Cate Anevski

So far I’ve seen only a few pictures over in the group on Flickr, but am anxious to see more. I love being able to see how other people interpret designs.  There’s still plenty of time to stitch along, so please do pop over and get stitchy!

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