Autumn Botanical Bouquet

We’ve been including pre-printed fabric in our kits since they launched and it seems the next logical step is to expand to a new product with the pre-printed panel.  The first is our Botanical Bouquet.

If you’re familiar with our shop then you probably know that I love doing botanicals, and I especially love greens and leaves. I wanted to go with a fall theme so I coordinated autumn colors like yellow tinted greens accented with rust-colored berries which contrast beautifully with pale blue Essex linen – think subtly changing leaves against a cool September sky.

This design originally featured pale blue stems with pink berries.  While I liked the color combo, it didn’t fit as well as I’d have liked with the earthy greens and browns.  So I frogged the berries and stems and re-worked them with the more autumn-ish rust color.

It’s always fun to design on the fly like that, though it does take some reverse engineering to make sure the end result matches the pattern itself.

The whip stitch adds dimension, especially when using a brighter thread over a dark element.  The green stitched over the brown branches highlights them while also adding depth.

This pattern is great for stitchers looking for a little challenge due to the layering of the elements. For added interested this can easily be changed to a spring bouquet with a change in color palette.

If you’re interested in purchasing this pre-printed panel, it is available at our Etsy Store.

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