Camera Critters -#135

We have a large deck in the back of our house in which we keep potted plants and flowers and bird feeders. We all very much enjoy the wildlife that comes to visit us and we’re often surprised by who we actually see out there. During the height of summer we were filling our feeders twice a day.

This guy was quite the acrobat; from hanging upside down at the feeders, twisting sideways and holding on with just one paw, to making impossible leaps all for a nibble of our obviously delicious and unparalleled bird seed. lol.


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0 thoughts on “Camera Critters -#135

  1. Oh, he's so cute, Jen. Looks like he's worn himself out with his acrobatics. Great post of a critter on a post!
    — Kay

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  2. Cute shot! We have those same acrobatic squirrels on our feeder, even when there are tons of acorns around. Sometimes I put Vaseline on the poles to watch them try to climb up. I always have a terracotta dish on the ground for them, but they don't like to share!

  3. Such an adorable squirrel. He looks very cute in that pose. I have squirrels on my CC post this week. They keep me entertained and I often laugh out loud at their antics.

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