Camera Critters – #136 – Shoulda been a pie!

I kid. I wouldn’t make a pie out of a ‘possum. Nor would I eat one. This bold critter visited us this summer and spent quite a while feasting at the feeder, in broad daylight as you can see. Yes, our sunflower seeds are just that good.   Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. lol.

A very pink nose. I haz one.
Sensitive about my nose, I am!

Prehensile tail close-up. fReAkY!

A safe distance all the time!

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0 thoughts on “Camera Critters – #136 – Shoulda been a pie!

  1. What a bunch of lovely photos! I had one in my yard once, I thought it might be dead, I got a shovel and picked it up and put it over the fence, it got up and ran away! So they really do play possum!

    Love the butterfly in your header.

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