changing time continued

I’m typing this from my brand new office. The walls are empty and all that we have organized in it are the computers and the Gazelle. It’s taking shape. Speaking of shape, we’re both seriously out of it.

We added “garage” to the mix, which must be looked at in order to make room for other things, hence the room count is now nine.

My little Peanut has been a trooper the past two days, for which I’m grateful.  She lost a play room but gained the ability to play Spore while sitting next to me. 

The stats:

Rooms Done: 3
Rooms To Go: 6
Jen’s Back: Out and complaining about it.

Relieved that the work day is over.. I’m just too tired for it to go on any longer.  Must. Ice. Back.

ps: here’s a shout out to my neighbor – feel free to stop by and visit the Wolf’s Den.


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