changing time, day three

Attacked the Peanut’s room with a vengeance today. Managed to wrangle almost all of the toys. I think she might have too many.

The arrangement of her furniture was always what we thought “the best use of space”. Our re-arrangement today allowed us to not only free up her closet (which to date has been de-knobbed and blocked off) but to add a free standing shelving unit. And it seems like she has more room than before. I dunno what gives.

After we get some shelving in the closet her room will be done and we will be careening downhill to being finished. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

I am now walking like John Wayne. My back doth protest as well as the rest of me. Too bad I say! Too damn bad.

I love my living room arrangement and I’m digging the new “family room” area. The office is still hovering between almost done and category 5 catastrophe. With the Peanut back to school tomorrow this should go faster. Right? Riiiiiiiiiiight.

Here are the numbers:

Rooms Done: 4.5
Rooms To Go: 4.5
Jen’s Back status: So far out it’s almost in again.


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