Last week I won a giveaway over at Adore by Nat.   It was this contest specifically, for a gift certificate to Charmed Design on Etsy.  I was thrilled because I really love the look of the silk wraps and who doesn’t  love winning a contest?!

Lori is the cool chick behind Charmed Design and she is super sweet and talented too.   I agonized over which design to spend my gift certificate on and narrowed it down to two.  Then I spent more time agonizing.  I finally chose a fall-themed wrap.

Lucky me, it came today… which puts a perfect topping (no pun intended) on our pizza day!  Here’s what it looked like out of the envelope:

(I love that Lori has personalized her packaging with stickers and business cards.  It makes such a difference to the customer.)

Look! Here you can it just peeking out of the wrapping!  OO!!

Here you can see that Lori included an extra business card so I could give one out to a friend. Good thinking ma’am!

And now, for the drumroll…..

Here is my gorgeous silk ribbon charm bracelet as modeled by my lil’ peanut.  (I couldn’t wear it and take pics at the same time!)  

The first thing I noticed about this bracelet is how gorgeous the ribbon is in person.  Lori has amazing photos of her product, don’t get me wrong.  I think the ribbon is just so much prettier than the camera can capture.  I’ve worked with Fairy silk ribbon before which is  light and nearly see-through and a lovely texture. But! the ends tend to just taper away, which means I usually have to end them with a crimp and a clasp.   This ribbon’s ends are sewn all the way around.  No possibility of unraveling here.

Look at how gorgeous this ribbon is close up! Hand-dyed makes all the difference in the shading and richness of  hues.

I love that I picked a wrap that’s so long so I can wear it as a necklace or a bracelet. And! The unfinished ends make the jewelry that much more natural and carefree with a decidedly bohemian feel.  Loving it!!

A huge thanks to Lori at Charmed Design.  Please check out her shop, you won’t be disappointed!. You can also visit her at her website. And feel free to visit her on Facebook as well, where you’ll get updates about future giveaways and new products.

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