I love to work with my hands. I love to make things. I don’t have much patience. So the things I actually can make with my hands are usually not something I’d take a photo of and share. However, sometimes I do hit upon a fun thing, or maybe just a funny thing that I can share.

Before Christmas this year I went a lil’ bonkers with felt and made a bunch of silly stuff including bacon & eggs, strawberries, a few farfalle, a cupcake lady, a poptart, a tea bag, some tiny animals, and two crinkly toys for my lil cousin Remy.

Where are the photos of these magnificent creations? Yea well… hindsight baby, hindsight. I will try to round up the bits I made for my little monkey and post a couple. Next time I will do it up right; tutorials and photos all the way through.

**Here are a few pics of the finished products – (Don’t you love that you can come back and add stuff later?)

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