Downton Abbey Stitching

I am a huge fan of Downton Abbey on PBS.  Series 2 has just started and Sunday is now my favorite day, having supplanted Saturday; whose claim to fame was pizza day.  I watched series 1 on Netflix over the summer and was anxiously awaiting more. And now it’s here!

I came across The Sampler Girl’s blog while looking for something else online and happily found that she is not only a Downton fan, but had a  wide array of free cross stitch charts.

You’ll never guess which one caught my eye…

Cross Stitch Pocket Hanging

I attached the stitching to that bit of green fabric I dyed with Kool Aid last week, leaving the top open as a pocket.   The fabric has since faded to a goldish green, which happened to match perfectly with one of the suggested DMC floss colors on the chart.  They were meant to be together.

I’ve no idea what I’d put in that pocket.. (my husband suggested a teddy bear.. sometimes I wonder if we’re from the same planet) it really isn’t big enough for much more than a small envelope. I also think I should have stitched across the top to complete the square, but thought if I did that it wouldn’t look pockety anymore.

At any rate, it’s the first piece of cross stitch I’ve done since before my daughter was born (that’s 9 years now!) and I was happy to complete it and hang it up.

I’d like to note that I took this down for the photo and while I was fiddling with the pictures my cat Q ate the organza ribbon off it.  What a twit!  Luckily for him I had more. 

All the while I was stitching this I felt like I was going blind.. I could barely see the holes.  This was a bit of Aida I got from someone and I’ve no idea about the thread count. Felt like 28.. but it could be 18. 

This has also inspired me to do a bit of investigating to see if I can translate some of my patterns into cross stitch charts.  I’ll keep you posted on the progress of that.

Already waiting for Sunday again! Happy stitching meanwhile and keep your eyes peeled for TAST week 3. 🙂

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