Etsy Neat Team Challenge Sneak Peek

This month’s Etsy Needle Arts Team (Etsy NEAT) challenge is “In the Garden”.  I won last month with my winter sports entry!  So I chose the garden as this month’s theme.

Here’s a sneak peek of my design.

In The Garden

I hate to think I can’t publish this as a pattern until the end of the month when the entries are due, so if I’m inspired to do another garden themed pattern in the next week or so I’ll get this one posted as a pattern sooner and let you know.

I plan on finishing this in a black distressed 8 x 10 frame and hanging it next to the door that leads out to our porch, where my husband plans on having an amazing container garden this summer.

In my next post I want to gab about floss and my new favorite color. Stay tuned! 

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