felt food

Here are a few pics of the wondermous felt food items I made for my peanut.

The bacon and eggs were so easy to make it was almost silly. Slightly time consuming to get all the stitches about the same distance apart, but I did it while I listened to re-runs of “Murder She Wrote” on the tv.

The egg yolks are ever so slightly stuffed to make the yolky-looking bit stand out from the white. I feel I overstuffed the eggs themselves and the next time I make these I won’t use as much polyfill. I feel the eggs should be flatter. I wonder if I can make felt scrambled eggs?

Here’s a pop-tart. This one is not stuffed, it’s simply two layers of felt sewn together. I discovered along the way that it’s best to put all of the embellishments on before you sew the layers together. Yea, I was so not doing that at first. Luckily I thought of it before too long so the sewing on of the beads was pretty easy. I gave it a face because it looked like it needed one. Next time maybe not so much with that.

As for the strawberries.. well the easiest bit was sewing the “seeds” on. The berries themselves started out as half circles. Go figure!

All in all I had a super cool time making this food. I bombed out on the toast, so that may very well be an upcoming blog post with the method from start to finish. The three dimensionality of it threw me completely.

I wouldn’t mind finding a cheaper source for the felt either. This lot was excellent quality but after seeing how much I could get out of a 9×12 piece I’d like to spend a little less per sheet. If you have a source.. lemme know!

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