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It’s time to indulge ourselves in all that is sweet about Halloween! I mean besides our children in their little costumes. Never mind the costume, what’s in that treat bag!?!

I remember when I was a kid trick or treating. You know, back when we went out alone and weren’t afraid to knock on a complete strangers doors. Back when we had metal toys to play with and no one though they were unsafe; the kind where you actually could lose an eye! My candy was always poked and prodded beyond recognition by my ever protective parents and god forbid it wasn’t wrapped! That went into the trash.. no stopping for a prod even. I loved the candy cigarettes, (WHAT? Who thought that was a cute thing for kids to imitate? lol!) and there was always Bazooka bubblegum and perhaps a package of Chuckles. My favorite was the Bit O’ Honey which always, sadly, didn’t make it past the prod phase. I think my mom liked those best. lol.

I’m looking forward to my daughters haul this year to see how much it’s changed. Of course it’s all very organized now in specific neighborhoods with excellent lighting and plenty of parental supervision. And that’s the way it should be.. now that I’m a parent. 🙂

What kind of candy did you love when you were a kid?

So I found you some literal eye candy today, I hope you enjoy the selections!

First up is this DDS Apple from Adam’s Apples.

Two wonderful surprises awaited me when I discovered this sinful treat. First, it’s not an apple at all, it’s a pear! I love pears! The second surprise was that Adam’s Apple is run by two brothers. YES! Another male owned Etsy shop. The brothers promise that every ingredient is the best and freshest and I believe them. Also let me add their disclaimer: “Our Kitchen has nuts, nuts, nuts galore. Contamination is a very strong possibility. If you are allergic to any kind of nut products. Do not order!” I hope you aren’t allergic and will click over right now… don’t pass these up! YUM!

Next I found Kreepy Kids from A Sugar Affair.

How adorable are these sugar cookies?! Oh my gosh, I just love them. Lacie makes these and sends them out wrapped ready for giving as a gift. But! The best part is you can custom request your Kreepy Kid cookies by visiting her on Flickr and picking your designs! There are over 100 to choose from! Totally cool. These would be great as a party favor or for a Halloween birthday present! Or just because. 😉 She also makes these delightful treats for your inner pirate! You know I love a pirate! There is also an allergy warning on these so please be away of that when you click over to buy. 🙂

Last I picked this Huge Halloween Basket from The Chocolate Tree.

This basket is full of yummy goodness in the form of chocolate covered pretzels, caramel apples, chocolate covered marshmallows, and caramel popcorn. You can customize your caramel apple selection too! This basket is great as a hostess gift for a Halloween party or for an office! And, this seller is still waiting for her first sale, so GO GO GO! Be her first customer!! Think how wonderful that would be. 🙂

There are many wonderful edibles on Etsy and I cannot wait til we get to the Christmas season so I can feature more amazing handmade treats. *drool*

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