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Another Friday at Grandia Road! Every day is a learning process and yesterday I learned something interesting about java script. I know! I can’t believe it myself. So today I get to share my Etsy mini with you. Now that’s not particularly exciting because I have done that before on previous days. But! I now have the ability to easily showcase one person good and truly well. Keep your dear eyes pealed for that in the very near future. 🙂

I love gnomes. Have I said? Sadly, I only have one actual gnome. His name is Nigel P. Worcestershire. He hangs out with Captain Jack Sparrow on my desk. Let me just say that I am not one of those action figure nerds. I only have the one. And only that one because I love pirates and it was a gift. Really really. I do have several books about gnomes and fairies and all manner of wee folk. I love the fantasy of it all. So today… many things gnome. Here’s a photo of Nigel totally not enjoying the sun. Candles don’t do well in the sun.

He stood patiently for the photo but then I had to get him the heck back into the air conditioning. He’s such a wuss. But I love him!

And now, many things gnome. 😀


First up we have The Dreamy Giraffe. KJ has amazing talent at capturing an ethereal and innocent quality in her artwork. Take a close look at the faces; most especially the eyes. This ‘Gnome Who Is Not Your Momma’s Garden Gnome has Nigel all a twitter! I bet he’d love to have her hanging above him so he could stare at her all day. Please check out KJ’s profile so you can get to know her. She is officially better than the Zooman!

Second, we have Sarah at the Museum Of Useless Objects, or MoUO. She definitely does not make useless objects! I love this vessel first because she calls it jaunty and not enough people use that word anymore! I also love it for it’s color and shape and the fact that it’s gnome-sized. I also love it because it’s ‘made in Cape Cod, and also because Nigel would like it to keep his treasures in! Sarah is also a sculptor and has seriously amazing talent working with metal. So, check her out at MoUo and on her website.

Next up is Teresa’s Ceramics with Mr. Spades. He is supposedly Gordon’s best friend, but I think Nigel might be able to win him over. Don’t you? Well, admittedly Nigel is only a candle. Very dull conversation wise. And the whole ‘can’t be in the sun’ thing. But, I’ll bet Mr. Spades would love to hang out on my desk with Nigel. After all, Nigel knows a pirate captain! Visit Teresa and her amazing ceramics and check out her blog as well.

Now you knew that jewelry would appear at some point. And there it is, from Cupboard Scraps. From start to finish this is a professional job. I’m drooling over this pendant, seriously. Not only does it have that vintage quality, but it’s finished on the back as well. And! It comes packaged beautifully. Packaging can be a selling feature (obviously for gifts) but in this case, the packaging is almost as awesome as the pendant itself. I wish I had more info to share with you about Cupboard Scraps, but certainly you can see for yourself how lovely their work is.

Moving on, there is Once Upon The End which I would have sworn was right out of merry England, but it actually from Illinois. Go figure! This journal would be fabulous for Nigel, but I think he would find it a bit daunting, size wise. I love it though, and I love that it’s repurposing paper bags and uses hemp.. it has an all natural feel to it that is quite appealing. You can also visit Cheryl on her blog, where you can learn about her, and see pictures of cute babies!

And lastly, Nothin’ But Wood. Now considering this a guy owned shop, I’m going to try to leave out the innuendos. I have seen several of these adorable wee folk doors during my internet travels, but usually on a large production scale. These are clearly made by someone who has enormous love for his craft. Kerry has carved (oo, bad pun!) a nice niche for himself.

Nigel has requested the I buy everything on this page today. Alas, I wish I could purchase every single one of the items I feature. I really, really do. I hope you feel the same way.

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