friday on etsy

Friday at last! Today is a day of discoveries. ‘The Husband’ has been learning to make chain mail and I am the only person on earth as yet, to own one of his Byzantine style bracelets! I know you’re seething with jealousy!! 😉

So the fact that he is into making something to sell on Etsy, I started thinking that there must be other men crafters out there. I have featured Nick Stagg, who does amazing things with reclaimed wood. But he is truly the only guy I’ve come across on Etsy. That is, until today.

I found David of David’s Knits. He is hanging out down in Florida now that he has done the whole ‘Broadway’ thing. 😉 Yes, that’s right. Broadway!! That is just too exciting for this NY’ker!! Instead of sleeping his life away while on the road for long stretches during his performing career, David made use of that time by teaching himself to knit. Industrious!! I just love that. Here’s what he’s doing these days. Get your drool cup ready!

This Cafe Bustelo Malabrigo scarf is the most luscious color of rich chocolate. In this second picture you can see how the color of the wool (Merino!) catches the light. Waves of deep dark chocolate with rich milk chocolate drizzled throughout!

I admire anyone who can work with their hands and create things that in essence make us all immortal. But, I doubly admire a guy who can knit! 😀

I hope you’ll visit David and pick up something fabulous. Imagine passing this scarf down through the family and the stories it could tell, the least of which would be how jaunty you always looked wearing it.

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