friday on etsy

Today was a pouncing day. I love to pounce on Etsy, it’s super easy. Just click ‘pounce’ from the main menu and choose ‘just sold’ or ‘undiscovered’. I love the undiscovered section because I get to see brand new things!

Look what I found today at Artisanne:

I love sea glass. I have a bag full from Corona Del Mar. Doesn’t that sound romantic and wistful and lovely?

I’m pretty sure that the general population views it in this way: glass breaks, chunks get thrown out, find their way into the ocean, water wears it down, semi-polished chunks of beer bottle wash up on beach. Woo wee. Poor, poor general population.

For the rest of us there is sea glass. The stuff of romance and dreams. Small pieces of history that have traveled the world. These are bits of memories that have endured the ocean to deposit themselves among tide pools or between rocks, just waiting to be found by the romantic soul who searches the nooks and crannies of the rocky beaches looking for tiny treasures.

And that is how I feel about sea glass I found in California. Can you only imagine how I feel about the bits that come from Scotland?! *wistful sigh*

So, I came upon Anne today and I saw how lovely her pendants were and I thought.. now that is for today. Reading her profile, I know Anne is a sea glass soul mate of mine. She also has one item in her shop that she donates the proceeds from to Alzheimer’s research. A wonderful thing to do.

Here’s one more photo from her shop to tease you into going and seeing what she’s got!

Besides Etsy, you can also see Anne’s work on Flickr and Freespace. Oh, and did I mention that she likes Billy Joel? Perhaps she and I were once friends in another life. I am always in a New York State of Mind.

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