friday on etsy

Ok, so it isn’t *quite* Friday, I’m getting a jump on tomorrow’s busy schedule!

I found this adorableness by accident looking for something much less adorable which I didn’t ever actually find. But, I didn’t mind the detour at all… it led me to my new friend, Creamy Snuggle Bunny!

Look at that face! I just can’t stand how cute this guy is. He has brothers and sisters too.. as all bunnies do, yes?

This Creamy Snuggle Bunny is made by Auntie Jill and I must must must have one! I don’t care that I’m a grown person, or that my daughter would love it. She would have to fight me for it. Oh yes, did I mention I always win? 😉

Please visit Auntie Jill and check out her wonderful snuggle toys, you will want one too. Really!

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