friday on etsy with a clickety clack!

Clickety clack! Growing up we had and old typewriter. It was considered old back then; you couldn’t even plug it in! Oh the horror!! It looked just like this one (though we had the green model).

My brother has spent money over the years to have it refurbished. Probably good that it didn’t go to me after we grew up. Can you imagine ever using something so archaic? lol.

What I love about vintage typewriters is what people are doing with them now.

Rockwell 23 has The Urge To Adorn, and they do it well with this no glue bracelet:

This from their website…

By using our own custom findings that are securely fastened directly to the keys, you are guaranteed a very durable, clean-looking and high quality bracelet that we’re sure will make a great conversation piece.

Visit What’s Your Type? for more information about their jewelry. They do custom orders as well!

Keys and Memories is using keys for earrings and even cufflinks!

Now guys can take the homemade pledge and be trendy too! 😉

Luna Clay Designs is making these lovelies;

which have a perfect air of romance and mystery and a Fae quality. I love it! You can visit Luna Clay at their website, see their photos on Flickr, and at Domino Effect here on Etsy, where Diana sells game piece art!

I love clever crafty people who can see an old typewriter and think, “accessories!”

Share the love! 😀

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