friday on etsy with bags and bags

I love bags. I love containers. I love things in which you can put other things. If I was any more of a pack rat I swear I’d have whiskers! So, I’m always scoping out new things to put my things in.

I also like that we are in the age of the messenger bag, because I love a bag that you wear across your chest instead of just over your shoulder.

So today, a tribute to many kinds of messenger bags.

Mandinka is doing messenger in repurposed fabric, like this Mr. Mooney No1908 bag:

You all know how I feel about repurposing! Great quality suits meet super craftsmanship in this very hip bag. Check out Mandinka’s shop, they have all kinds of bags made from all kinds of awesome suits!

Yummy Pancake is doing messenger bag meets breakfast with Mr. Toastee!

This is head explodingly cute! Visit Yummy Pancake’s blog for more crochet fun! You can even travel back in time by visitng this post! Whoamg! It’s TOAST!

Ella Since OSix is doing messenger retro with vintage fabric, on bags like Vicky!

Ella has the most gorgeous vintage fabrics I’ve seen in a long time. She’s hanging in the Netherlands and selling her fabulous bags in shops throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany! Check out her website for serious vintage eye candy, several sizes of bags to choose from, and a bit of tapestry too!

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