friday on etsy with stars

Yesterday I made a photo mosaic meme on 17 Grandia. I followed the instructions and was completely surprised (and delighted too!) by the photos that my search words returned. Some are obvious, but some are not. I love that a picture can be many things to many people. 🙂

Inspired by that photo mosaic, I decided to search Etsy today using three of the questions from that meme. Working backwards, I chose Starr first. That’s two R’s, which pretty much cut out all sorts of ‘star’ things. My search returned just 62 items. Let’s get to picking, shall we?

My first pick is from The House of Mouse. Oh my, the cuteness that abides in this shop is unreal!!
Here are the Beatles Mice.

Anna has mice from all walks of life from Beatles to zombies! She will take commissions as well, so you can personalize your mouse. Amazing detail in something so small! The Kid and I want to own them all! Check out House of Mouse, it is guaranteed to make you smile 😀

Next I searched the answer to question 11, which was ‘sad’, because I was feeling a little blue last night. ‘Sad’ returned 3445 items. Hmm. My favorite item is the Queen of Sorrow from Anne Julie.

I love Anne Julie’s shop and her work and I have been a fan for a long time. She is a well established artist. You can visit her at her website or her blog and naturally her Etsy shop! I like her artwork because it is filled with emotion. It isn’t just painted figures; each and every one of her pieces says something. So get on over there and share some love for a talented artist 😀

Last I answered the question of ‘who do I love most’ in the world. This was a tough question for me since I am married to a wonderful man and have a beautiful daughter. I wound up picking my husband only because I’ve loved him longer. 🙂 To preserve anonymity I searched ‘husband’ and got 325 items.

I chose a kitschy and fun item from Sweetheart Sinner Creations. This photo really cracked me up. I hope it makes you giggle too!

I’m still giggling! To learn more about Sweetheart visit her page at IndiePublic. Her shop is full of awesome items from Goth to Victorian and there is something for everyone there!

So those are my picks for today, following the meme theme and answering some personal questions. I hope you enjoyed the departure!

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