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So I clicked over to Etsy today and found a featured item by someone I myself featured a while back. I’m so happy for him! The lucky item is this Like Mother, Like Daughter scarf set from David’s Knits.

I’m so pleased to see him up there and I’ll hope you’ll go over and congratulate him. All Etsians desire that front page feature! Sadly Etsy doesn’t have an auto notify when they feature someone (I know.. silly right?) so I sent him best wishes along with a screenshot.

Getting to the front page isn’t exactly easy. Though my jewelry has made it to a few treasuries, I’ve never made it to the frontpage. (That I know of!) Here are a few tips to help you get into a treasury, which raises your chances of a front page spot!

1. Take fantastic pictures! See? I wasn’t kidding around with all that photo stuff. lol
2. Use your team tags. If you belong to an Etsy Street Team, use the tags of that team. If one of your team members snags a treasury they very often include other members. The easiest way for them to find other members is by searching the team tag.
3. Use color tags. A lot of treasuries are themed by color.
4. Take a spin through the promotions section of the Etsy forums; people looking to fill treasuries often post there.
5. Create your own fabulous treasury. Go here. Once the amount of treasuries drops below 333 a new treasury will open up


Now mind you, I have never had a treasury I made make it to the front page. So what the hell do I know? lol!! I do know, though, that it’s all about eye candy.

The Esty Front Page Treasury group on Flickr keeps track of screenshots, so you can browse back if you want, and look for your items. If you do make it to the front page, be sure to go here, and get promo buttons for your shop!

Remember to share the love with David. 😀

ps: I don’t usually have this kind of luck… one of my items was featured in this unbelievably gorgeous treasury by Cyd at Botanical Bird! View it here live, or below as a screenshot!

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