gone to the dogs

Here are my dogs!

Frankendog  has the flowery eyes.  I don’t know why flowers except they were beads I had and I was feeling it. This is my very first attempt at a sock animal. I must say he looks better in the photo than he does in person but I’m okay with that.  His head flops in an altogether sickening way. I’m not so okay with that part. He currently resides in a basket on top of a very tall bookshelf.  (This insures I will only ever see his head at the one angle)

This is Dead Dog – he’s the very next sock animal I made. I have this really cool book called Sock and Glove that has super easy instructions on making sock things.  I realized too late I had sewn this guys head on sideways. A few days after this photo he became she and was made into a lamb that shortly after had her ass burned into a charred mess by a bedside table lamp.

I was sort of sad about that. She had a cute little dress on that I had made from a very expensive cloth napkin. Yep, I’m impulsive and impractical that way. The edges were already finished which was a big plus for me since I don’t know how to use my antique sewing machine. 

I have made other animals since but none as nice. There was something about the quality of my husbands used socks that appealed to me. Well, ok, more that they had a nice bit of lycra to them and held their shape well.  Perhaps someday I will let a real dog play with them (after removing all the buttony/beady bits) and see if he notices he’s chewing one of his own kind.

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