Hexagon Granny Blanket Update

The hexagon granny blanket continues! It’s amazing how doing these hexagons a few at time makes this project seem easy. 

I decided to border each hexagon with just one color and while I was busy choosing my husband suggested I use a rich red.  I took a look at the reds that were available and selected Serrano, from Knitpicks Shine Worsted collection.  But wait, you might be thinking, the original hexagons are in sport weight!  Yep. They are. 

I happen to know that the worsted weight from Knitpicks is slightly thinner than the worsted weight I normally use, especially for amigurumis.    I needed to make a slight adjustment to the hexagons while using the worsted yarn, I simply made 2 clusters of dc’s in each space instead of 3. 

Super bright – see the clusters of 2?

Another beautiful thing about using this thicker yarn is that it gives each hexie a bit more sturdiness. This came in handy when I tried connecting some. 

Connecting a few hexagons as a test

Here’s the spot in the project where I literally said “OOF FA! What did I get myself into?!”  After all the end tucking on each of the hexies I’m now faced with many, many more ends than I ever imagined possible.  Yes, that’s because you cannot go along blithely connecting these in a row. There is no row!  This might be obvious to everyone but it sure didn’t occur to me until I began. 

Back side of connected hexies

So here you can clearly see that I’ve use a slip stitch to connect these and once they’re all connected I will go around the entire thing with a few rows of single or maybe half-double crochet to give it a finished look.

I’m loving the colors and even the red, though I am somewhat disappointed in how that edge dampens some of the colors.  I think in future I would choose worsted weight entirely  as well, though when I went to purchase the yarn, the sport weights had the most color variety.

I literally have no idea how big this blanket will wind up being, or if I have even bought enough yarn to finish the project. Seems a bit slap dash, but that’s kinda how I like it.

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