monday on etsy

Show of hands if you’re bumming it’s Monday. *raises hand*

Monday is icky but let’s make lemons out of it by checking out what’s undiscovered on Etsy.
Man I think I have carpal tunnel from pouncing through Undiscovered. I have some things to say about the Undiscovered, but that’s a topic for another day and another place.

I found some sweet little treasures at Flutterbudget. I fully believe that Shannon is undiscovered only because a lot of people don’t have the patience to search through Etsy like I do. Let’s expose this shop with it’s super cool & cute jewelry! To that end, I am only featuring Shannon today.

She has a wonderful sense of color and design, which I’m sure comes from her background in Art History and fashion merchandising! She is also a button lover. So am I, though it’s a collection I have yet to start!

Enough of my chitchat! Here’s the pics!

Turquoise and grey flower necklace:


A ring!

And my personal fav of Indigo and Pearl:

So pretty and cool too! I love repurposing!

Visit Shannon and be her first sale! Imagine how exciting that would be for her! We all remember our first sale and how reaffirming it is. 🙂

Share the love! 😀

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