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Have I ever mentioned that I love pirates? There’s something about them. I don’t know what that quality is. It’s certainly romanticized, real pirates are not fun and they steal your stuff!

So today is pirate day! If you’re a Pastafarian this may help a ways with global warming. šŸ˜‰

First, let me ask you. Have you ever been to a Renaissance faire? It is amazing fun. I went to one many many years ago in California. I had the time of my life. Here’s a quick review of what I remember about that fair:

  • The men get down on their knees and kiss your hand when they greet you
  • Almost everyone dressed in period costume
  • When you buy something and tip them they yell “Huzzah to the tipper!”
  • They sell beer in glasses that are 3 feet long. (Called a Yard) seriously!
  • People walk around eating turkey legs
  • You get to watch a real live joust and yell out “Hip Hip Huzzah!!”
  • The Faire is chock full of amazing artisans that sell all manner of wonderful curiosities
  • The bathrooms are better not spoken of

So, there are a few things that make a memorable day. However, what can make your day even more memorable is actually going in costume yourself! And that, finally(!) brings us to LoriAnn’s Costume shop! (You were beginning to wonder, weren’t you!)

In true Ren Faire tradition, LoriAnn offers this Medieval Pirate Corset:

How much fun would it be to wear this to a Ren Faire or a costume party!? Or even just to the store or vacuuming! Yes, vacuuming! I love to wear a tiara (borrowed from my daughter) when I do housework. I really do!
LoriAnn, who you can also find on her own site, is a very talented woman, and her costumes are of such high quality that they are in demand for parades and themed charity events. I hope you’ll visit her on both sites and see what she has to offer. This costume is only the beginning!

To stay with the Ren Faire theme, you could hop on over to Poet Summer and pick up this fabulous Pirates charm bracelet.

Carrie has an amazing quantity of one of a kind (OOAK) items to choose from. In fact, I think I may have to cut my blog short so I can spend the next half hour picking out exactly what I have to buy from her. Yes, have to. It’s just not an option not to have some of this fabulous work. She wants us all to wear our art! I’d rather wear hers! I can’t paint worth a darn. šŸ˜‰

Stop by both shops and say hello from me. You won’t be disappointed in the quality of work that you see and certainly both of these talented people deserve some recognition and sales! šŸ˜€

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