monday on etsy

Cats! I love my cats which I think I have mentioned. I also love beads, which I think you know as well. So, what could be better than a bead that’s a cat? Practically nothing!!

I pounced onto Teri Persing’s shop today and went nuts for Patches The Calico FatCat Bead!

Teri makes her own beads, which means every single one is a unique work of art. I have always been fascinated by glass work and would love to be able to do it someday!

Here’s another little kitty I found there named Samantha!

Isn’t she just adorable? I love the colors that she used here. The combination is lovely and warm and spot on for this summer!

Teri also makes more traditional style Lampwork beads for bracelets and necklaces, so you will want to check those out too. Her prices are super reasonable!!

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