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Pounce, pounce, pounce! I pounced for over an hour today. Good god! It’s almost as bad as my Stumbling habit, which can keep me up way into the night searching for toothpicks for my eyelids so I can get in just one more Stumble!

So today I found this Patchwork Frenzy pillow from Doodlebug Finery. How can you not love that name?

I’m a big fan of patchwork, which again, looks easy to do but isn’t at all. One more crafty person that belongs in the ‘Clever Crafty People, Unlike Me’ group. Darn it! This is a log cabin pattern, which the m-in-law suggested I try when I thought I might want to get into quilting. When I saw how much math was involved…(yes math!) I became apoplectic and decided it was best left to the experts.

I love the color combinations in this pillow, the fabric patterns, the whole darn thing. It’s eye candy you can rest your head on! I’m betting it’s soft and lovely to touch too.

Doodlebug Finery makes all sorts of wonderful things for little ones, though I would bet my last penny that those buying her items are buying them as much for themselves as they are for the tots! Oh, wait, I can’t use my last penny, that’s for something pretty for me. How about my second to last penny? šŸ˜‰

Go visit Doodlebug Finery and if you don’t have an adorable tot to buy something for, why not pick up a Sock Dog for yourself?

Stay! Good dog!

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