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Monday. Rainy days and Mondays… I don’t like Monday’s… so many songs about Mondays and most all of them sad. That’s why *my* week starts on Sunday! 😀

Today I pounced on a very cool item on Etsy. I love “Shabby Chic” and I love that things are called shabby chic. I love that someone was so clever to call things shabby chic instead of used, or old looking, or falling apart. Someday I may coin a phrase. Wouldn’t that be cool?

This item comes from Signs By Diane. She’s rockin’ out working at home and doing what she loves with her husband. Oo, me too! 😀 She’s got quite a bit going for sale and will accept custom orders too! You cannot ask for more than that!

Cape Cod is my favorite:

There are a a few reasons it’s my favorite. First, I grew up in New York, but most summers were spent on The Cape and it remains one of my favorite places in the world. The Cape is like it’s own little planet during the summer (maybe the winter too, I’ve not been then) with a swelling of people and sounds and one just becomes full of sand and summer and ocean air. Plus, they have dunes there (not found on the west coast!) with clumps of sea grass and wind and salt aged wood. I could go on forever and ever about it. But I’m here talkin’ about Diane’s sign!

So not only do I love this sign because it reminds me of a fabulous place, but it’s so kitschy and chic and I can see this sign in any number of places in my home. Can’t you? If you don’t have the whole “Cape Cod obsession” like I do, you could have your own made.. she does custom!!

Here’s another one that caught my eye. Hmm I wonder why…

I really like Diane’s style, and I think the fact that she makes custom designs is going to have her on the top of the list in no time.

Check out Diane, her groovy Shabby Chicness and buy a sign! (There are songs about signs too!)

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