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Halloween is almost here! Are you ready for it? Have you purchased your candy? Your costume? Your decorations are up and looking SpOoKy!? Have your hostess gifts ready for those parties you’re going to? There’s still time… but not much, so hurry!

Today I’m doing a grab bag of sorts.. just some random Halloween themed items that I’ve seen during my searches and wanted to show you. I’m going to start with one of my favorite crafts; the one that proves elusive to me no matter how hard I try to do it…

Felted Pumpkin Pottery by Valerie’s Gallery.

Now I know you can crochet or knit to make felted treasures like this cute little pumpkin. But try as I might.. it’s an epic fail whenever I attempt it. But hey, I can’t be good at everything and thankfully there are people like Valerie who are. That just means I can purchase these wonders guilt free. 😉

Valerie is a member of Etsy For Charity and they are celebrating their first anniversary. This is great for charity and great for you, everything in her store is 20% off. She is extremely talented and you will find many amazing things to ooh and ahh over. I promise. You *must* see these!

You can also visit Valerie at her Felted Treasures blog.

These Little Monsters by Goose Grease have been peeking at me for days now!

Michelle is offering free shipping today for any of her costume dolls. So now is the time to jump over and get a set! I know my daughter would love to play with these, and actually any of her costume dolls. These would make a wonderful gift for Halloween lovers young and old. Though not too young as they aren’t meant for chewing! Visit Michelle at her website for more information about her and her family!

My last pick today is The Ghost Family by Lucky Bunny Lampwork.

How cute are these!? Here’s what Kim has to say in the description:

“As you can see the little gray one has had a bit too much candy corn and has trouble standing on his own, much to the embarrassment of the rest of his family!”

It’s personal touches like this that set Etsy apart. Kim is a talented lampworker and her shop has beautiful beads! You can visit Kim at her personal blog, or at her Etsy Finds blog where she shares her Etsy picks! I love that I can share the love with someone who shares the love. lol 😀

Have a wonderful Monday! 🙂

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