My Secret Rooms

I have a love for eye candy that probably goes beyond normal into a little bit obsessive.  For that reason, I love Pinterest.  It’s always a source for beautiful images and inspiration. It’s also a super way to keep track of things I would love to have, places I would travel to, and spaces I would live in, if only.

Here are some spaces that speak to me. Maybe they’ll speak to you too. 🙂

pink for my ultra feminine side
bookshelves for my love of reading and built-ins
black and white and pink for when I’m feeling NY French Chic
deep reds and browns for quiet moods
for posh sunday morning breakfast
cottage chic for every day
rustic for rainy days
stairway for finding magical places

It would be a frightful home that included every one of these rooms – but how does one choose which style to go with when you love so many of them?

I would love to see some of your favorite spaces so please do share!

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