Needle Painting

Have you heard of needle painting? It’s an art form developed by Trish Burr, which features the long and short embroidery stitch.  Trish does spectacular work.  I was inspired when I checked her book, Colour Confidence in Embroidery, out of the library.

I’ve not been particularly good at the long and short stitch, but looking through the book I am amazed at just how much like painting her embroidery is.

I decided today to practice just a bit with a couple of flower petals, using her book as a guide. The book has comprehensive color palettes as well as sample projects.

Here is my very first attempt at needle painting.

Not bad I thought, before I took the photo

After taking the photo and getting a proper look at my stitches, here’s what I actually saw:

Oh yes, I might need better lighting!

The work above is in a 3 inch hoop, so it’s really quite tiny.  Other mistakes I see is that I didn’t follow the shape itself during each color or color change.  There are a total of 6 colors and each color is stitched with 1 thread.  

Trish goes into detail about how to lay out the threads so that your thread is always laying the same direction (each thread having it’s own warp and weft) which I think makes a huge difference. I didn’t do it and i wonder if that has something to do with how messy it all looks.

It’s fun to stretch out and learn new skills so this will be something that I intend on practicing.  Have you done needle painting?  What was your experience?  Are you super fab at the long-short stitch? I would love to know!

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