New Hand Embroidery Pattern – Bee Mine

New pattern out today in my Etsy shop!

Bee Mine Pattern

I am admittedly caught up in the hexagon craze so I wanted to do a little something with them, but at the same time keep it simple.

Even stitching

I noticed when I began stitching the edges of these little gems it was super easy to keep the stitching even, using only 3 stitches per side.

Where sides meet

Instead of doubling up on the sides that abut each other I decided to do a quick whip stitch along those edges and then return to the normal back stitching.

The bee was originally colored with lemon (DMC 444) and black (DMC 310) but wowza, it was shocking against the other colors. Yucko.  Instead I opted for topaz and beaver grey. I think these softer colors work better with the varying shades of pink.

Next up in the hoop? Who knows!

Oh ya! Just a quick fyi that this is a seasonal pattern so it’s only available around Jan-Feb. If you’d like to buy the pattern ($5) please feel free to contact me, and I’ll set up a special listing just for you on Etsy! đŸ˜€

Happy stitching!

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