omg, changing time day four

So it’s day four of the “big re-do”. The fact that it’s day four and we’re still moving in a forward direction is a huge deal.

The husband got some shelves cut & even installed one. I know, right!?

A big shout out to Gentle Wolf for his help and guidance in the shelving department! And, for visiting with me this morning. (If you hadn’t I’d still be doing the John Wayne on a bender around the place.)

Any progress is good progress as far as I’m concerned.. so I get a pat on my own back for building bookcases, repairing doingers (those door stop thingies), installing a doorknob, and moving two big pieces of furniture. Yay me!! 😀

Here are the numbers…

Rooms Done: 5
Rooms To Go: 4
Jen’s Back status: Got a postcard today from Vegas.

That top number is finally bigger than the bottom.  As David Bowie would say…  Let’s dance.


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