Pattern Poll

I’ve been playing around with the idea of posting patterns in my shop before they’re stitched.  I’d love to have some other opinions on the topic.

1. Would you purchase a pattern that is listed only as a black and white line drawing such as:

Plain ol’ B&W – too boring?

2. Would you purchase a pattern that is listed only as a colored line drawing such as:

While this shows color suggestions, does it limit the imagination?

3. Do you prefer to purchase  patterns that have a fully stitched sample in the listing such as:

This is how the pattern looks stitched up – with my own color & stitchy style.

4. Do you have any preference at all regarding how the pattern is listed?

I’ve seen successful shops that have just the line drawing patterns listed as well as shops like mine that have fully stitched samples. I’ve also seen shops that have a blend of both. 

I think the fully stitched samples give the shop more of a handmade feel, though I could offer more patterns to customers by not stitching everything.

I would really love to know what you think, so please chime in!

Free pattern to the first three people who comment so be sure to leave an email address!

Thanks bunches! ♥

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