Quick Ornaments

Today I had some free time (I know, right?) so I thought I would create a few quick ornaments to hang from the Christmas presents I’ll be wrapping this week.

Since 90% of my gifts were homemade this year, I thought it would be nice to continue the theme.

As many of you know I make jewelry and have quite a lot of supplies. I’ve tried destashing them on Etsy, trading them up, and even giving some away.  I still have tons! Crafters know that supplies multiply the second you look away.   I like being able to use them cross purpose. It’s so satisfying. lol

Here are a few things I had lying around that worked up very quickly into some really cute ornaments.

Freshwater Pearls
Swarovski Glass Pearls
Shrinky Dinks with Vintage Sewing label Graphics
Shrinky Dinks with Vintage Sewing Labels Graphics

Both of these sets took me about 1 episode  of Doc Martin on Netflix.  Which is to say about 50 minutes from design to photography.   Not bad at all, considering I was going to watch Doc Martin anyway. 🙂

The shrinky dinks were left over from this project . I didn’t bother waterproofing them as they shouldn’t be getting wet.  Watch them get wet now! lol

The hangers are made from nylon coated wire and a crimp to hold the circle. A tiny dab of crazy glue keeps the crimp hidden behind where the ribbon is tied. I embellished them with a bit of organza ribbon and in the case of the vintage style ones I used some baker’s twine that was wrapped around a gift I received.  (You’re probably realizing that’s why my supplies multiply.. I save practically everything.)

I also made a couple of paper ornaments which I wound up not liking enough to photograph. Maybe next time?

Have you made any ornaments this year? Let’s see them!

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