Quilting Class with Craftsy

I recently signed up to become a Craftsy affiliate.  You may have noticed the banners around my site. I did this because I love what Craftsy offers to crafters, both hobbyists and small businesses. 

I joined Craftsy just about a year ago, and started with my  pattern shop there.  I especially love that they don’t charge me listing fees or take a percentage on my sales. As a seller with low price point items this really makes a difference!

After signing up to be an affiliate I was offered a free class! Fantastico!   The class I chose is  called Quilting Quickly and is taught by Jenny Doan from the Missouri Star Quilting Company.  Concidence that I only just discovered their online shop and am now taking their class on Craftsy? (Add eerie sound effects here.) 

My main reason for picking this class is so I could learn how to finish a quilt. With my Summer Stitching Club mini-quilt and all the charm packs I’ve purchased I figured I’d better learn pretty quickly how to complete these things or I will quickly run out of room for WIPs.   This class looks to be just the ticket.

Here’s the charm pack I’m going to start with for my class, which I received courtesy of my friend Paula at Miss Paula in Stitches

Still in the package.. I can’t wait to tear into it!

If you’re interested in taking the class, or any class on Craftsy for that matter (they have a tremendous selection!), click over from one of my links and have at it!  It’s a great site and I’m sure you’ll be pleased with it.  As I write this the Quilting Quickly class is on sale for only $14.99! So clicky click and take the class with me! I would love the company!

I’ll be posting a special page just for Craftsy and will be reviewing the class as I go along, so stay tuned!


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