saturday on etsy

woke up mega early today and am ready for a nap at the late hour of 8:30 am! Nevertheless, one must carry on and so I am.

I was inspired to look for something blue today but wasn’t quite sure I wanted to search by color and leave up a treasury for a day. So instead I searched Blueberry and have three wonderful things to share with you.

Cynthia Van Horne Erlich’s shop was the first to catch my eye with this Sprig Of Blueberries note card:

This card is reproduced from her original watercolor. Beautiful and juicy too! You can visit her at Rosebud Cottage for more of her artwork.

Next is The Flying Ewe, with hand dyed fiber that I initially thought was an abstract painting.

Of course I feel silly now thinking that since it is obviously hand dyed merino wool. Perhaps this is the peril of waking up too early! Carolyn over at the Ewe, has also created a fiber gallery on Flickr which consists of the creations of those who purchase her fiber. I like the idea of following the trail of what the fibers eventually wind up being. Cool.

To use the over-used cliche of last but not least (but I really mean it!) is Dream A Little, with a Blueberry Juicy Bug!

How cute is this? Now, if you like this teeny little bug, hold onto yourself! Her Etsy shop is only the tip of the iceberg in all that is the trademarked Juicy Bug empire! You can find more, lots more, at her website. It is people like Dana that make me wistful for my childhood where no one would think twice if I sat and played with this tiny bug for hours and hours. She also makes me wish I was a millionaire so I could buy every single one of her creations. She has even got Halloween (my favorite holiday!) themed bugs, one of which is a bat, the other candycorn!

But I digress and we are now off the topic of blue and blueberries. Perilous getting up so early.

Please stop by and visit these people on their Etsy shops and elsewhere. Saturday is a good day to share the love. 🙂

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