saturday on etsy

There are many talented photographers out there and many of them selling their beautiful work on Etsy.

Saturday is a day for undiscovered talent and spring is about flowers yes? Here is a combination of both! Laughing Dog Photography has this stunning photograph called Different.

I love the soft pinks and the over exposure on the center flower. The photo has an heirloom quality that is just lovely and soft and gentle and feminine.

Fallen Queen is another of my favorites. I love the edginess (lol. is that even a word?) of it. Can a photo be shabby chic? If it can, that is what this one is to me. I suppose heirloom is a kinder word to describe photos that look old but aren’t? Either way, the photo is fabulous and I would love to find out how it was done. (Silly me. Naturally it wouldn’t matter if I did know.. I just don’t have the talent for it! lol)

April has a great start on Etsy! I’m sure as time goes by we’ll see more wonderful work from her.
I hope you’ll visit her and share the love.

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