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Have I mentioned how much I love a container? I have a very hard time passing up any kind of container; no matter if I have nothing to put in it.

My favorites are baskets. Not the cheesy wicker kind you can find anywhere but the really old, vintage ones that stand the test of time. I have some wicker baskets that were my mom’s over 30 years ago!

My second favorites are bowls. God, I love a bowl! And, I prefer my bowl sit empty too. Sure, it’s handy having the container but it’s much better to just look at the container. So, without further ado, I presents today’s Etsy find by Moonraker Turning. The two-toned Madrone Bowl.

Just look at all that luscious wood! Look at the grain! My god, the color!! *swoon*. This bowl (that I just love and wish for!) is made from Madrone, which Nick Stagg, over at Moonraker, cleverly named the bowl.

There are a few things I like about Nick and his wood turning. First, he uses reclaimed wood whenever he can. I think that makes the pieces that much better. Old wood has a certain character that newer wood lacks. I think it’s also pretty kind to the environment, which never hurts!

I also like that the natural wood grain is featured in his work, rather than a lot of wood turning I have seen where they are heavy on inlay and alternating wood colors.

Maybe I’m just old-fashioned, or perhaps just quirky (!) but I love real wood as close to the natural color as you can get.

Plus, I think Nick is pretty lucky that he gets to work with all this lovely wood all day long.

So go to Nick’s shop or visit his website and check out all the lovelies!! And don’t forget to make one of them your own!

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