saturday on etsy with a basket case

aI bet you think that title refers to me, doncha? Well, maybe it does! 😀

Yesterday was super cleaning day at my house. You know the kind of day; the one where you move furniture and actually vacuum under rugs. I hate clean up day. Especially that kind. I much prefer to go around the house and rearrange the furniture or the decor. I was wishing most earnestly that we had more baskets to put things in.

I grew up with baskets of every kind all over the house. I miss them. I only have three. I love them dearly, but there’s only three. That’s SOO not enough!! I wonder does anyone actually make baskets anymore?

Lucky for me that question was answered on Etsy 😀 Gotta love it!

Hands To Work is a mom and daughter team that love working with their hands.

Country Living Basket

Great for kids toys, pet toys, or even a small waste basket! Versatility is one of the things I love best about baskets.

This mother/daughter team has been making baskets for over twenty-five years and focuses heavily on the Shaker influence. In fact, Hands to Work is part of the Shaker maxim that exemplifies the work ethic of the Shakers. The Shaker style is simple, durable, and functional.
All of this is evident in the quality of workmanship in this shop.

Also available, Nantucket baskets.

Next I found Timarie at Fallen Tree Baskets. Timarie uses a combination of gourds and pine needles to create these lovely containers.

All the materials used to her gourd baskets and containers are harvested locally in California. She has also got luminaries for sale which are just totally cool in the dark. They look like this during the day:

and this in the evening. You’re going to have to click over to see it! I’m evil, aren’t I. lol.

So, to sum up, basket weaving remains alive and well. I wonder if it’s something you can learn on your own or it you have to take a class. Hm! Yet another craft I want to try. At least now I have an appreciation for the cost of these types of baskets when I see them out.

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