saturday on etsy with fairies!

By now it’s probably obvious that I love fantasy. I especially love gnomes, but I also love fairies. While searching fairies I came across someone who is still undiscovered (unbelievably!) and I just had to feature Katy from Winsome Hollow. Ok, right to the eye candy!

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Needle felting to me is so wispy and magical, especially when it’s little wee folk like these. Katy is a super talented wool artisan. Here is a snippet from her profile:

“I strive to create heirloom quality pieces which may be passed down through the years. I love the idea of creating original, one of a kind works which are equally durable, strong, and yet soft to the touch. This strength of construction and all natural material allows people to enjoy distinctive pieces of art…”

She is also a proud member of the Brooklyn Craft Collective. Katy is also able to translate that magical feeling into her felted and fabric clutches. These would be perfect for keeping your felted treasures in, because once you buy them you know you’ll be taking them everywhere to show them off!

So, why not be among the first to own one of these amazing pieces of art? You can always say, “Oh yes, Winsome Hollow! I was one of the first to own one. Pity you didn’t get one of her earlier works!”

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