saturday on etsy with hope & charity

Another Saturday! That makes 10. It’s an anniversary of sorts. What I need is a commemorative photo of my blog! Yes!

That makes Hope Studios my first pick, with this hand painted memory frame.

It would be silly to put a photo of my blog in there, but it’s fabulous with a face in it! This from Hope Studios;

I create my custom Heartsongs frames from a solid piece of pine. I measure, cut, sand, distress, antique, and hand paint each one. Hangers and dust covers are attached to the back and ribbon photo corners are affixed within the shadowbox. I work in a smoke free, animal free environment. No stencils or stickers are used and color, size, font, and quote are custom.

In addition to the beautifully hand crafted frames, Hope Studios sells Wish necklaces like this Shamrock:

The description of the items is better than anything I could write about it. 🙂 Here’s a quote:

Make a wish and tie the necklace around your neck…when the string wears off your wish will come true. Some people call it “the secret”, the power of positive thinking can indeed bring good things your way!

Not only do I love the necklace and the idea behind it, but I love the packaging as well. Jennifer at Hope Studios has got it going on!

Jennifer also has a blog, which I visited and got the mother of all flashbacks. She has a song playing when you land on the page which took me back to about 1975 and has left me feeling warm and fuzzy for my childhood. Thanks for that one!! Share the love with this gal, she has got it all and it’s packaged beautifully 😀

My other pick for today is a Charity pick; Donna Pellegata who creates fArCiCaL fOlK ArT like this Turbulent Tea Tray:

and this Finesse of the Feline Fanny print:

Donna is a member of Etsy For Animals which sells donated items from Etsy sellers and donates the proceeds to various animal charities. In addition to belonging to that Etsy team, Donna also donates a percentage of each of her own sales; each listing specifies the percentage and charity the proceeds will be forwarded to.

You can also visit Donna at her blog and her website.

Talk about sharing the love! Now it’s your turn!

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