saturday on etsy with plums!

I love plums, most especially this kind..

…and the firmer the better, because it means they’ll be tart. I love a tart plum. Yum!!

So today is about plum on Etsy!

Kit Mit has plum in this super awesome wrist warmer!

The color combo is gorgeous and I especially love the detail. These would be perfect for us here in the south, where it gets chilly enough to want to keep your hands warm, but not so cold that you need a full glove or mitten! Kit Mit also has reversible headbands in funky fun fabrics!

Leaves of Glass is doing plum vintage, with this gorgeous Phenomenon bracelet.

Leave of Glass is also a blog shout out for me, she’s been in my reader for quite some time! There is something so alluring about this kind of jewelry. The vintage quality is there sure, but there’s something else. I can’t really put my finger on it. It’s like something from a dream. You can also check out the Leaves of Glass blog.

Art Kitten is doing plum blossoms on this multi-purpose blank book.

Guest book, photo album, journal. Whatever need you have, this book will fill it. Art Kitten will also customize the cover for you! I love hand bound books. I’ve always been drawn to them and the colors on this book are in right now. Who doesn’t love a plum blossom!

Ok, time to share the love šŸ™‚

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