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Another beautiful day here in the south. I hope you have lovely weather where you are and that your weekend is beyond fantastic!

My earliest entrance into the ‘I love eye candy’ club was a subscription I had to Victoria magazine. There is something about that magazine that is just so appealing. I could never actually see myself wearing the clothes they show or even decorating in quite that style, but there’s something. I used to make envelopes from the pages and send letters to friends. I also cut the pages down and made funky origami with them.

Searching ‘Victorian’ brought me over 11,000 results! For being over a hundred years old the style and essence of the Victorian era is still very much present.

My only pick for today is Shy Siren. I do not know how I have not ever seen her shop before today. Her jewelry is so incredibly beautiful that I am completely jealous of every single one of her creations. Really really. Not only do I wish I owned all of her pieces, but I wish I made them.
Look how lovely…

Here is another…

Victorian and stunning and fabulous. I wish I knew where she got her supplies from. *scheming in my head about how to find out* Seriously though, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but I aim to find out and correct it.

And just when I began to feel like I might never ever make jewelry as beautiful as hers, I read her shop announcement. Whoamg, she wrote a book! It’s called “Perfect Match: Earring Designs For Every Occasion” and you can buy it on Amazon. Seriously! Amazon. Well no wonder. Now I don’t feel quite so bad. This gal is professional! Visit her Perfect Match website for more information about the book. Here is a snippet from her profile:

“I design & hand-craft each and every piece with consideration and deliberation of the materials, textures, colors, and the way light reflects or passes through each. All pieces have their own unique design sensibility and are often one-of-a-kind. Lots of LOVE goes into each design!”

Yet another artisan that I admire and strive to be like. She puts love into her designs and it shows in each and every single piece. I can feel that love all the way over here! Can’t you? You can see more of her jewelry in her Etsy shop and you can visit her at her website. Please go see her. Please share the love.

I am trying to figure out how to buy her book without The Husband noticing yet another craft related purchase. Wish me all kinds of luck, I am sooo gonna need it!

Oh, ok.. just one more picture! (I can’t help myself!!!)

Visit Sara at Shy Siren. I cannot say enough wonderful things about her shop and her website and her beautiful craftsmanship.

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