Shouting Out To Oma’s Patch

Connecting with people online never ceases to amaze me. I’d like to tell you a little story about how I fell in love with a lumberjack named Steve.

A few years ago I began playing a game called Lord of The Rings Online.   The game itself has amazing graphics and offers complete  immersion into Tolkien’s Middle-Earth.  It also has a relatively mature player base in comparison to other games of it’s genre.  If you’re not familiar with the gaming world and/or it’s acronyms you can Google MMORPG.

While mucking about in the Shire, and other equally famous Tolkien locations, I met some folks in a kinship called Kings Beyond The Wall.  This group of folks is comprised of intelligent, good-hearted, fun, and interesting people. That is where I met a dude named Rob.

Rob as it turns out, is a foodie like my husband.  This commonality took the connection outside the game environment and led to my finding out that his wife, Kate, is a crafter.  I was thrilled to check out her Etsy shop, Oma’s Patch.  She makes adorable dolls and toys. That’s when I saw Steve.  (cue “love at first sight” music)

Steve was a lumberjack and was so charming I instantly proclaimed to that man-of-mine, ” OMG, I gotta have him!!” I figured it was a done deal.  Well, not so. As it turns out, no one realized I was serious about being captivated by the silly little face of that lumberjack. Shortly after my declaration of love, Steve sold to someone at a craft fair.   YAY!! that Oma’s Patch did well at the craft fair, but BOO!! that it wasn’t me who bought him.  That’ll teach me to wait on that dang man-of-mine.

Many months had passed and I noticed on my rss feed reader that Oma’s Patch was creating a new doll series, and had requested assistance in naming them.  Upon seeing them I immediately thought “Peculiar Poppets”.  Much to my surprise, Kate liked that idea and used it!

What I didn’t know was that Kate was creating a thank you gift for me for naming her new series and that I was destined to receive something fabulous in the mail!

When this arrived, my “squee” could be heard ’round the world.

Charles the Lumberjack!!

He looks just like Steve!! But he’s actually better than Steve, having been made just for me.  His name is Charles. So far he is enjoying a particular corner on my desk that affords him a lovely view of the tree line out back. Sometimes I can see the longing in his shiny black eyes; I know he is itching to use that axe.  Kate is beyond awesome and I truly am thrilled to own an Oma’s Patch doll.

Here are a few of her other offerings…

Newman, the Peculiar Poppet

Hello, Newman!

Trina, the Pixie

Trina dreams of being a world traveler.

Ninja 3

Ninja 3 – ready to invade!

Ninja 3 has been sold, but you never know when one might appear again in the shop. So keep your eyes peeled for it.  You might also be able to request one be made just for you.  I am thinking that when Charles is ready to share his desk space there could be a Ninja in his future. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I know you will love anything you buy from Oma’s Patch; the quality is outstanding and the quirkiness and individuality of each item is entirely delightful.

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  1. It is amazing how connections can be made online, who would have thought about it even 15 years ago.
    I am so glad you like Charles =) I Love his log!
    I just got a request for a Ninja from a gal at work so I will be making some more soon.

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