sunday has us up to our necks

I loved doing yesterdays mosaic so I did another today, though on a smaller scale. I chose scarves today because I was just in that kind of mood. I’ve been wishing it was fall since the first say of summer. lol!

And now, on with the show..

Top to bottom, left to right:

Garland Fall in Spice by Kanokwalee. I love that these ‘fall leaves’ are wearable.
Long Stranded Scarf in Violet, by Fray. As Fray puts it.. this scarf is “soft and drapey”!
Avocado Green Lace by David’s Knits. Love this new style from an old Grandia Road friend.
Seaweed and Teal by Madlight 13. This reminds me of I Dream of Jeannie’s “running away” outfit! Seriously!
Sage and Burgundy by Fullenstar. Additional photos available on Flickr.
Tulip Fields by Caroline Hardy. Gorgeous blend of colors! Also blogging here.

So as I was looking at all these scarves together I noticed a common theme among the photos I chose… the use of a mannequin. Kudos to all of you for doing so.. it really does make a difference. I don’t like seeing live models in photos on Etsy mostly because I think it detracts from item you’re trying to sell. The live model is usually more worried about how they look than how your work looks. I kind of feel like a Simon Cowell thinking that, but it’s true. And hey, I didn’t purposefully exclude scarves that weren’t on mannequins! Undeniable truth that mannequins sell scarves? Probably not. But for my picky eye, it sure did the trick. 😉

I also wanted to include one more item today… it’s so cute and I’ve been seeing it all week as I look through ‘fall’ themed items. And, he’s wearing a scarf.. so it kind of counts!

This small fox was made by Brigette B. He’s so jaunty and clever looking, and I bet he’s British at heart. Visit Brigette at her shop, or you can find lots of info and artwork at The Brigette Brigade.

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