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Well! Here I am at practically the bum crack of dawn, tossing back coffee like a kid with a pixie stix. The Husband (hereafter referred to as “Burries”) wanted to sleep in this morning and I, being the good soul I am, said I was heartily up to the challenge. Ha!

One thing I have already learned on this rainy Sunday morning is to stay the hell out of the ‘everything else: weird’ category on Etsy before I’ve had my second cup of coffee. Don’t believe me? Go see for yourself. Not that there’s anything wrong with it. That category just requires a fully functioning brain.

So, with full-on bed head and coffee cup in hand I attempt to ignore the plaintive meows from our cat Chigger and find myself typing meow into the search box on Etsy. Inspiration? Intervention from the Universe itself? Nah, I’m just not awake yet! 😉

‘Meow’ returned 511 items. The first to catch my eye is from Karin Grow. The Retro Kitty print is my fav!

I am so in love with this style. It would match my house purrfectly! Yes, I really did type that. *Goes to get more coffee* There’s a lot of wonderful artwork and kitsch in Karin’s shop so I hope you’ll stop by there and check it out.

I also found a retro kitty at So Charmed, which has handmade jewelry for “Punks, Pirates, and Princesses”. What’s New Pussycat? is my favorite by far, but she’s got a lot of really cool designs.

This particular item comes with a very interesting story, so check out the listing to find out a bit of trivia about the movie industry! Really really. You can also visit So Charmed’s Website for more info.

My last pick for today is yet another retro kitty (just love ’em!) from Kimazier. These Sassy Kitty earrings are just to die for.

Kim is influenced by the Saturday morning cartoons she saw as a kid livin’ in Jersey. Now she’s in Seattle and living her dream. You can visit her website to read more about her and find out what other cool things she does! I totally see the influence from the 70’s cartoons. These kitties in particular make me wistful for my childhood. 🙂

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