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Happy Father’s Day! I am up super early today to let The Husband sleep in. Which is good in a way, not in a ‘Hey! I’m awake!’ kind of way, but in a ‘oo, more time to browse on Etsy’ kind of way!

I got to thinking about that paper bag journal from the other day, the one that Nigel wanted. Well, I really want it too. Not to write in, but to just look at and keep as part of a collection. That got me thinking about all the books that I have in my “collection” most of which are books I think my daughter, (The Kid) will someday really get into. That thought led me to the array of scrapbook paper I have and the non-existent scrapbook album I was hoping to make for her to record every minute of her wonderful life. (Unlike my parents, who did not even fill out my baby book!) This was all in a split second mind, and now I’m feeling quite guilty that I never made that album. I do have a few pages made, but nothing that I could ever present to her and say “Hey Kid! This is your life!”. I suck at being a crafty mom. 🙁

But I think I have discovered a way for busy moms like me to have that kid of album without all fuss and hoo-ha. (segue!) Aloha Scrapping is the solution. Wendy creates and sells pre-made albums that have an attention to detail that, quite frankly, I would be hard pressed to match.

First up is a paper bag (I have decided that I am in love with this idea) Vaction/Travel Chest & Scrapbook.

Yes, the chest comes with the album. Think of all the wonderful souvenirs you could put in there! Shells from the beach, a leaf from a walk through the woods, oh the possibilities! The album itself is amazing, here are a few photos of the pages themselves.

Look at how lovely!! It says “Vintage with a hint of old world charm”. Doesn’t it?

In addition to all the offerings in her shop, Wendy is completely happy to do custom orders. She will work with you and your budget to create something to die for no matter what you can spend. You can also view her website, which has more samples of her work.

I’m off to find what else you can do with paper bags! Have a fun filled Sunday 😀

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